Help Your School Win $5,000!

All you have to do is donate any amount to the MACS Education Fund by December 31st.

  • If your school has the highest participation rate by December 31st, it will win $2,500!
  • If your school has the highest participation rate for the entire school year, it will win $2,500. Therefore, your school has the chance to win $5,000!

If you have already donated, thank you! If not, Donate Now.

Remember to double your dollars and ask your employer(s) to match your gift.


You’ve GOT to Show This to Your Kids!

This is so cool! Greg Tucker, engineering teacher at CCHS, received a $6,000 grant for a robot. Listen to ‘G-bot’ recite
“The Night Before Christmas”.


Have a Holiday Dilemma? We May Have the Solution!

Wondering what to do with your out-of-town guests over Christmas vacation?
Need a creative idea for an appetizer to bring to a holiday party?
Need a quick and simple recipe for a cookie exchange?