All aboard! We’re going Full STEaM Ahead on a journey to ignite passion in the hearts and minds of our youth through the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
  • What is STEM?
    STEM/STEaM education focuses on a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach to the concepts of science, technology, engineering, art design, and math taught in an applied, inquiry-based method that fosters students’ interest in identifying and solving global problems, and prepares them for rewarding, intellectually-stimulating, collaborative and engaging careers.
  • Why Support the MACS Education Fund’s Full STEaM Ahead initiative?

    Build the Ship: Help provide the materials and resources to build a strong and successful STEM program.

    Pilot the Journey: Help provide the professional development and support to build a strong team of STEM teachers.

    Set Sail! Help build a sustainable STEM program which prepares students from Kindergarten through High School to think critically, problem-solve creatively, work collaboratively, and build innovatively.

  • What’s the difference between the Educational Excellence Annual Campaign and Full STEaM Ahead?

    The Education Excellence Annual Campaign funds three areas: 1.) Principal Grants 2.) Teacher Grants (aka Grants for Educational Excellence) and 3.) System-wide initiative.

    For the past 24 years, the MACS Education Fund has focused on raising funds to provide principal and teacher grants across a full array of subjects. This year, we are expanding our reach
    to meet the growing needs of our Catholic school system by adding a third component to our annual campaign; a system-wide initiative focused on STEM education. Full STEaM Ahead! was developed in recognition of the rapidly-changing worlds of science, technology, engineering and math. By dedicating targeted resources in support of grants across these key areas of concentration, we can provide the MACS students with the hands-on tools they need to excel in their college and professional futures.

  • Should I just divide my annual donation between the two separate campaigns?
    The purpose of adding the additional Full STEaM Ahead! component is to raise additional dollars to support a targeted classroom opportunity. The Educational Excellence Annual Campaign provides
    support for ALL subjects. We have many MACS educators with creative ideas that are just waiting to come to life in the classroom and we want to make sure the annual campaign continues to stretch across all subjects. We recommend you continue to support the annual campaign at the same donation level you have in the past. If you are able to support the MACS Education Fund at a higher level than the past, we recommend you dedicate your incremental donation toward the Full STEaM Ahead! program.
  • How will the Full STEaM Ahead! initiative work with each MACS school?
    The MACS Education Fund volunteer board of directors is currently working with each individual school principal to develop the Full STEaM Ahead! grants that will best enhance the curriculum
    for their respective school. The principals will be able to customize their grants and ultimately align them with the talents and strengths of their STEM teachers.  Each principal will choose the new STEM classroom tools and resources, science lab upgrades, and teacher support and development that best meets the needs of their school.  For example, one school may request a 3D printer, while another may prefer materials to start a robotics club.

To donate, click here.  In the comments section, indicate how much of your contribution you’d like to designate to Full STEaM Ahead.  For example, if your total contribution is $100 and you’d like $50 to go to grants and $50 to go to Full STEaM Ahead!, write “$50 to STEaM” in the comments box (see example below).  For questions, contact Director Ralph Perez at 704-370-3303 (office) or .